Keto-Chocolate or a lesson on food marketing

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

Don’t try to convince people

I performed a deadly sin on the internet: bashing another account and getting into an argument in the comments.

It got me nothing and nowhere. It solved nothing. But it taught me a valuable lesson on food marketing.

What happened that upset my harmony-loving soul? A shitty chocolate that came with the label “keto-chocolate”. It tasted horrible.

(For those not familiar with the topic, the ketogenic diet – short #keto –  is low in carbohydrates and avoids sugar. But you still wanna have your treats, your cake and basically don’t change anything about your lifestyle but to be thin and super-productive, just like those fitness-influencers.)

Beside the fact that one simply destroy every taste by adding artificial sweetener – seriously, it makes chocolate taste like nothing. After a while comes this dominant taste of Erythritol, and that’s it. You might as well skip the part of making a chocolate.

What upset me about it was that people are probably willing to buy this shitty chocolate for an expensive hipster-price, just because their marketing is so good.

While I spent my time spreading the word why you should spend more money on your chocolate to be direct traded and good for the planet, bla bla bla. I should accept, that there are people that simply don’t care.

People will buy shit for premium prices that promise to make them happier, skinnier, more productive or whatever. They don’t care if your chocolate or speciality coffee is direct traded, grown in environmentally friendly circumstances or monocultures, single origin or a blend of everything. They don’t care about your product. They care about themselves.

So what kind of lifestyle do you sell?

How do you get the people that are paying premium prices for expensive shitty chocolate (or coffee), to buy your expensive good bean product instead? You don’t. They simply want other things. They are not your tribe. They are not your customer. Don’t bother.

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